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the Puhoy - 2019

The only non-american band currently on Denizen, Puhoy existed briefly at the end of 2019 in London, UK after Ford (vocals, bass) met Mike Nipples (drums) at the union bar. 40 thousand beers and tears later, ~30 songs were recorded, and some of them made it onto the Puhoy. Somewhere along the line Prissy Jackson (bass) and Conlon Nancarrow (keys) Puhoyed and the lineup was completed. However, tensions rose after hit single "Rich Kids Make Me Wanna Smoke Crack" was premiered on famous Instagram meme page "inhalemybees," causing a domino effect that led to the conception of 100 gecs. Having their sound completely stolen by the very same Pro Tools wielding Rich Kids that the puhoyacy spoke of, Puhoy dissolved and Ford returned to America to record tape only releases that no one listens to (see "death Snail").

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