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early times

in the beginning there was rarigs kid. 2016. north shore pop punk and post hardcore and other things like that. in such a harsh landscape you would have made a record label too. this is what happened

eventually there was a punk against trump. this was big. then people on [redacted] knew about denizen


the moms/ salinger

this was the next thing. bradford and sean and שֵׁת made a band about yearbooks and then it was on denizen. this was huge but thats not all they also made a serious band. there was other cool stuff like the pps




but not that much,

this is where it starts getting crazy. gavin and the bassist from soul asylum were in boston and made a band called "oat meal" and they released alot of albums in like 2 seconds. next thing you know theres alot of bands on denizen. next thing you know again thers a million bands s gavin and שֵׁת and bean all make bands n theres 50 albums on denizen. once you hit 50 you have to make a website  and mail people cds and do compilations with real people and do other real label things or the goverment will come to ur house. because of this some people irl and not just the people on [redacted]know about denizen . but that was cool too 


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