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aka d. Snail, Snail comma d, Big Swag comma Big  D, Big Sail Swag SNAILS!! ... Nintendogs DSNAIL


tape only

There's sometimes

rats (2020)


FORD (2020)

theres also two unreleased split eps with SLUG MOTHER




Drape Your Balls on the Death Snail - 2020


The Freed Snail - 2020

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 11.49.46

this one is a streaming exclusive


Post Good - 2020


Return of the snail revenge of the snail the snail strikes back a new snail attack of the snail the clone snail the rise of snail the snail awakens the last snail death snail holiday special lego snail wars - 2020


the history of snail is brief and simple. after the spanish flu hit, Ford (Puhoy) made a band called deathSnail for a specific reason. After simping Lindsay Jordan, he decided he should make some other songs too. Enlisting former Puhoy drummer Mike Nipples, Slug Mother Brother Harold Parker, Cock member Dick, and local bassists Joji's Son and King Bass, in a couple months approx 100 snail songs were recorded.  Though most songs exist only on tape releases "RATS" and "FORD" and "THE NEW ONE THAT ISNT OUT YET CAUS NO ONE LISTENS TO THIS SHIT ANYWAY" `(limited self pressings of about 10 given to people who felt like getting one) online comp "BALLS" was also released. It is rumored that every single snail song will be leaked on behemoth online compilation "THE FREED SNAIL" at the end of the snail era, when in turn the Cosmic Owl will devour us all, but it will be a pretty sweet ride until then - adieu.


(the release dates of Snail comma d tapes are unknown because I forgot them. 

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