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I Should Have Taken More Pictures - 2020


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Highlighters' (expanded)  - 2020

czxxxxx (pronounced See Zee X) is a Sacramento collection fronted by Edynn Sandoval, former singer-songwriter of "Allo's Flowers," a shoe gaze indie-rock post-rock band that obtained little to no Band camp success but has become somewhat of an underground phenomenon. czxxxxx was just a concept not too long ago. When Edynn was in the mental hospital, she scribbled lyrics in crayon on her bathroom wall. Those lyrics being "when walking back I see these cracks,- the pavements so uneven and there's blood inside my shoes" these lyrics later made it in the penultimate track "Sleeping" on czxxxxxs' first album highlighters'. Throughout Edynns mental rehabilitation she wrote more lyrics and eventually composed 12 instrumentals. 8 of which were used on highlighters'. Edynn stated in her info section of highlighters' "this album was recorded from December 2019 to August 2020 with the help of my instruments" shortly after highlighters' release edynn started to work on more music and her next project "I Should Have Taken More Pictures" would be released September 13, 2020, with the help of Denizen Records. This EP was slightly more experimental than highlighters' due to the fact it was recorded while edynn was coming into a new relationship, and she doesn't know how to record lyrics without being sad. Without a doubt czxxxxx is ready for world domination.

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