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Hoe-Made Fries! - 2020

Chipmunk Truther is the non-pretentious side project of Michael Frontz, who is also a classical cellist at Boston University (and tries, but fails to not be pretentious at that as well). Born out of early quarantine, and then stalled on till a point much later in quarantine (where the world is somehow worse then we were when we started taking preventative measures…?) this project features original songs performed by Michael on vocals and piano. The lo-fi nature of the premiere album was born out of a love for the no frills approach to songwriting and recording, and certainly not out of lack of proper recording equipment or understanding of basic microphone set ups- while Michael did take a music technology course, it was cut short due to the pandemic. Michael is very happy to be featured on Denizen Records.


Some of Michael’s musical influences at the moment include 100 gecs, Mahler, Kanye West, The Mountain Goats, Bach, Charli XCX, and himself (groan). Michael is a firm believer that Simon is getting the best head.

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