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Hornycore - 2020



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Posthornycore - 2020

Bradley Parker is a horny core man. One week in June 2020, he was so horny that the spirit of proto-Denizen pop punk band Pye Brook descended upon him and instructed that he make an album entirely comprised of songs based on past tinder experiences. Mostly staying true to the spirits demands, "Hornycore" was finished by the end of the week (with the help of some Snail comma d members for the two full band tracks). At first the album was deemed by the Denizen Bigwigs as "too obscene to be released," "too horny," and "not enough songs about not being horny." But they eventually came around, true hornycore is hard to find afterall.

Later that same year the Garlic Bread Heroes (like 20 people) were summoned to annul the sins of horny past, and assist BP in making an album about not being horny.

This has widely been regarded as a bad move by the Hornycore Truthers, and has resulted in harsh criticism such as:

"yeah, but it is still kinda about horny."

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